TV advertising means transmitting a message, usually to advertise a product or service. Advertising on TV enables you to show and tell a broad audience about your company, product or service. It helps you to actually show the advantages of ownership. Announcers and marketers refer as to television commercials as TVCs. TV advertising’s main advantage is the possibility to target a larger audience with a single ad spot. The most popular free time activity is watching TV, with the average individual watching about 3 hours every day. One of other main benefit of TV ads is also that there is a potential customer and no extra competition.

Benefits of billboard advertising :-

Attract a broader audience:- Simply put, no other kind of media allows you to reach as many people with a single advertisement.TV advertising is simply amazing as it reaches huge audiences quickly and efficiently. While smartphones and the use of PCs have become more prevalent, they are still not as omnipresent as the living room TV.

Better at Influencing Customers :- Another benefit of TV advertising, particularly in comparison to other video advertising mediums, is that TV still sees some of the highest available engagement rates on a daily basis. TV advertising still has the prestige and performance atmosphere that online marketing platforms do not yet have to offer.

Improved Audience Targeting :- Targeted marketing has been part of TV marketing for a long time, such as advertising at certain times of the day and on certain channels to ensure that you hit the individuals who are likely to view that channel at that time. Your advert will specifically target audiences, such as men, women or kids, for example.

Brand Legitimacy and Trust :- One of the key components of effective TV advertising is that it takes you the price, effort and time to create an ad that is suitable for such a widely watched platform. However because viewers tend to trust TV more than other media, that price is always worth it. They also interact more with it than other media.

TV and Online Work Together :- It’s also been shown that TV advertising strongly engages consumers with your online content. Whether it’s a multimedia advertising campaign they’re engaged in or just sending them to your website, your TV ads can encourage them to get much more engaged in your online efforts.

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