Bus Queue Shelter (BQS) commercials are the ads above the sheltered waiting area at the numerous bus stops throughout the city. Bus Queue Shelters are an excellent marketing tactic for all metropolitan cities and prosperous neighbourhoods. Passengers waiting at bus stops and passers-by will see these advertisements placed on top of bus stops. They have strong effect and exposure, and are also accessible in areas where it may be restricted to use most other large-format advertising media. Bus Queue Shelter advertising  is of high scope in an area of similarly high frequency. It is well suited for advertisers seeking direct exposure to their target market and offers valuable ground activation opportunities. Advertising for bus shelters includes an extensive selection of strategically placed, enhanced advertising panels in most areas of the city. Advertisingatoz provide best BQS Advertising Hoardings in Lucknow.

Benefits of Bus Queue Shelter Advertising :-

 Irreplaceability of Location:- Its non-renewability is the defining characteristic of bus shelter ads from other conventional media. Some distinctive places and unique ad campaigns for bus shelters are indispensable. A driving force behind high profits is the limited nature of resources.

Exclusivity of Buyout Management :- The procurement of media services from the advertising firm for bus shelters typically adopts a contracting system for a certain period of time to buy the right to use. Therefore such types have significant uniqueness at a certain level.

Large viewer rate with small price:- The volume of bus shelter advertisements is big, the rate of delivery is high, and the advertising impact is good. Especially in comparison to the other kinds of ads like outdoor columns, the price is comparatively low.

Strong influence:- From the viewpoint of growth prospects.  It is the evergreen form of advertising campaigns. Irrespective of how it improves, outdoor ads can only become more and more influential as part of the home environment. The only mainstream media is outdoor publicity where all the media are in the crowd.

Strong Variability for Areas & Consumers:- The advertising of bus shelters can be set as per the common psychological features and behaviors of consumers in a given area; on the other hand, the advertising of bus shelters can provide repetitive advertising for fixed consumers who often work in that particular area, making the impression strong.