Unipole Hoarding Advertising in Lucknow

The Unipole (or monopole) sign is a frame structure of the marketing sign placed on a singular steel pole or column. The Uni-pole is a sort of huge billboard set atop a very high pole. The fact that this billboard could be seen even from greater distances improves its efficacy. There are two choices when it comes to lighting: this can either be a light box or front-lit  for versatility. In terms of the amount of views earned, it is one of the most powerful outdoor advertising strategies to make an impact. They are positioned at an acceptable height so that in the distance, people can see them well. Therefore the splendour of this medium makes it difficult not to see them. This makes this a surprisingly successful form of advertisement. We are the largest and finest advertising agency which provide best Unipole Hoarding in Lucknow.

Benefits of Unipole Advertising:-

24*7 reach :- Except for closed circuits, unipoles represent an active medium 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are very useful since not all people have the same working hours or leave their homes at the same hours. Also, when we go sightseeing somewhere, they help us locate ourselves.

High level of impact :- They are in strategic places and produce a high number of views from their target audience. They are an advertising piece located near shopping centers.

Segmentation :- They may target certain groups that are difficult to capture otherwise. For example, workers who spend a lot of time away from home and hardly have time to watch television or those who travel a lot for work reasons.

Brand recognition :- Because of its height and dimensions, it achieves enviable visibility which gives it brand recognition and great advertising effectiveness. It’s of great help to locate a physical business or reinforce the image of a company. The location of the monopole is essential to achieve a greater impact.

Guarantee exposure :- Being visible from long distances unipole advertising helps your company to promote your brand, product or service.