Print media advertising is a method of advertising physically printed media to reach consumers, business customers, and potential leads, through magazines and newspapers, pamphlets, posters & direct mails. The scope of print advertising is anything written in the print media to capture the attention of the particular target market. To reach the same potential customers, advertisers also use digital media, such as banner ads, mobile advertising, and social media advertising. The emergence of digital media has led to a decrease in traditional print media advertising spending, but print has not been completely left out. Print advertising is still an effective method of advertising in specific markets and is appropriate. It can reach prospective customers, in ways that digital marketing cannot.

Benefits of print media advertising :-

Credibility and relationship creation:- Publishing companies of local newspapers work hard to create good relationships to build a loyal consumer base with people in the community. You can gain a good relationship with the community merely via this affiliation by marketing with a reliable local newspaper.This is called the ‘halo effect’.

Cost Effectiveness:- With the diverse array of placements and inserts available within a particular newspaper, brochure or poster, print advertising can make your promotional budget more productive and successful.

High Engagement:- A conscious decision to read it was made by individuals who signed up to a newspaper or any other print media. These readers are more centred on your message, since they’re not confused by anything else when they flip through the pages.

Flexible:- Most print advertisers offer the choice as to where a publication should position your ad. The site that gives the highest accessibility can be chosen. Marginal sizes, several pages, regional editions, and other special-placement options are offered by print media.

Longevity:- In a newspaper and other print media that appears to be transferred around between reader to reader, broadening your audience, your print ad would be around longer. Print media are mostly on display for a long period in offices, shops, and other venues. In environments like these you can ultimately reach a bigger audience.

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