Also called advertising on transport. Transit advertising is out-of-home media typically, attached or found on the outside or inside of public transportation vehicles such as buses. It also includes advertisements placed in transport precincts such as bus stands, auto/battery rickshaws stands, metro stations and airports. Auto Stands, Bus Stands Shelter commercials are the ads above the sheltered waiting area at the numerous auto & bus stops throughout the city. It is an excellent marketing tactic for all metropolitan cities and prosperous neighbourhoods. Travelers waiting at auto stands & bus stands and passers-by will see these advertisements placed on top of the shelter. They have strong effect and exposure, and are also accessible in areas where it may be restricted to use most other large-format advertising media.

Benefits of transit advertising :-

Mass reach:- You can reach a broad spectrum of consumers of various ages and income brackets with transit advertising. You can also reach families, travellers, professionals, or students on the basis of the product/service you offer.

Long Exposure:- This is one of a transit ad’s biggest advantages. There is an average 30-minute ride on public transport, where passengers have nothing to do with nowhere to go. They spend their time observing the commercials around them.

Frequency With No Additional Cost:- Most passengers travel on fixed routes on buses or trains at specified intervals, indicating they repetitively will be seeing your ad. When anyone takes the same metro or bus line or auto twice a day the individual may see your ad at least 20-25 times a month!

Attracts many people :- Most customers use public transit while shopping. Buses, Autos etc running along a specific shopping area’s route carrying your advertising campaign could help to make your ad timely and suitable to attract such individuals attention.

Impossible to ignore :- There ‘s something mystical about such ads for buses and taxis. In addition, when a person is sitting in a cab, car or bus, it’s just unthinkable to overlook your ad as it’s hanging right in front of them all the time!

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